Custom House Dhaka National Board of Revenue, IRD, Ministry of Finance
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Supposing a goods was purchased for Taka 1000 and it was sold at Taka 1500, in that case, an amount of Taka 130.43 was included as VAT for the purchase of Taka 1000 (Calculation: 1000x15/115); likewise, a VAT amount of Taka 195.65 shall be inclusive of Taka 1500, if the goods is sold at that price. (Calculation: 1500x15/115).

Actual addition will be Taka 500 if the goods is sold at Taka 1500 and as the seller had paid the price of the goods during purchase inclusive of the VAT, he will pay the VAT at the actual level of addition at the stage of sale, that is on Taka 500, taking back the VAT paid by him at the stage of purchase.